Chasin a Dream

A Special Thanks for Their Support & Advocacy

Ella’s Story

On December 14, 2019 Natalie and Matthew’s youngest daughter, Gabriella Rose (Ella) was diagnosed with Leukemia. 30 days later they were so fortunate to learn that Ella has the most curable type of Leukemia and while it would be a long and difficult road, this sweet 2 ½ year old has a 95% chance of full recovery.

With the support of their family, a very determined big sister, their neighborhood and the truly heroic doctors taking care of Ella, she has thrived despite being under constant chemotherapy starting the day of diagnosis. In total Ella is expected to undergo almost 2 ½ years of chemotherapy, the second year being significantly “easier” than the first. She is a ridiculously sweet natured child and the doctors ask her, now almost 4 years old, to go in and encourage new patients that are struggling. This tiny little girl pats new patients on the back and tells them it will be ok, they will be ok and she tells them they are doing a good job.

The family has been gifted with the best diagnosis possible, an incredible team of doctors and the ENTIRE village at their backs.

Crossing the Finish Line – After 2½ years Ella has completed chemotherapy!  The goal for the Summer of 2022 is to rebuild her immune system and get ready to rock kindergarten. Ella will be closely monitored for many years to come.  We think the doctors just like seeing her sunny smile.  She, in turn, will closely monitor the doctors as she gives them a checkup at each visit as well…and steals their pens and tiny flashlights in the process.  We’re working on that…

Chasin A Dream

We were first introduced to Chasin a Dream when they brought Ella a brand new iPad in the hospital to keep her busy because a 2 ½ year old confined to a hospital bed is NOT pretty! There were frequent visits from Chasin a Dream always with the question “what do you NEED” and with books and crayons and anything to keep Ella busy. But when we really saw what this organization was about was after Ella left the hospital. Ella was going to be refused a surgical chemo at the surgery center because she had been potentially exposed to Covid and we could not show two negative tests per the center’s protocol. Ella had one negative test at St. Mary’s and then everyone was OUT of tests including the surgery center!

Chasin a Dream was there and ready to move mountains. They called everywhere to try to find a place that would test a 3 year old, they offered to pay for the tests if we could find somewhere to do testing, they would do anything to make sure Ella could get her big chemo. They were in contact until they new we had a solution. Ultimately Ella’s doctors pushed her chemo through with Ella and the doctors in isolation but Chasin a Dream was willing to go to any lengths to help our little girl.

We do not have enough words of praise and thanks for this organization and what they do for these kids. If you are looking for a local organization to support that is doing amazing work you have found it in Chasin a Dream.

If you have any desire to assist families as they battle life threatening illnesses, the Chasin a Dream Foundation has no equal. You can learn more about them by going to